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The Night Cafe release belter new Bunkbed EP

Liverpool’s finest, The Night Cafe, make a welcome return to form with new Bunkbed EP. The four track comes following ‘Turn’. The band drop the hazy, bittersweet summer tunes just in time for their lap of the festival circuit, Glasgow’s TRNSMT included (review on the way).

Opening track ‘Felicity’ is an older single and live favourite among fans. It’s a fuzzy, warming number about love and all the things that come with young love. It’s in a different vein than other TNC tracks that have bittersweet layers to the lyrics. Frontman, Sean Martin, weaves saccharine imagery throughout the song in his distinctly melancholic storytelling techniques.

‘Turn’ is the standout track from Bunkbed EP. Also a previous single but this one appears to have slipped under the radar of everyone apart from the band’s hardcore fanbase. Unfortunately for Sean Martin it seems the band make their best music when they’re down. His defeated and self depreciating lyrics cut deep in this particular case.

The map of the EP is really shown through ‘Turn’; it takes over the lighter mood of ‘Felicity’ and signals the dark skies ahead for the two new tracks. ’Forget It All’ and ‘I’m Fine’ are lamentations on life as young adults.

These newer tracks feel more open yet mature, like Martin has learned how to address guarded topics of love and loss in a way that’s open without being too telling. It’s a rare gift to be able to strike up the balance of setting such a clear and soothing mood that’s so accessible whilst also being so ambiguous to the true meaning.

The Night Cafe are heading off on tour around the UK in the autumn grab some tickets here and give Bunkbed EP a listen here.

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