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Big News and an Even Bigger Single from Youth Killed It

Here at Peanut Mixtape we have a wee bit of a soft spot for Norwich rockers, Youth Killed It. Having followed their rise from Molly EP all the way through to now, the boys have come a long way. If you follow the band on any socials the over the weekend you might’ve had your head battered by announcements. Not only is there a banger of a new single called ‘Great British Summer’ (we’ll get round to that in a second) but they’ve only gone and announced their sophomore album too and a bloody tour. They’re just too good to us.

Their second album will be called What’s so Great, Britain? and will feature the eponymous track as well as ‘Great British Summer’ and ‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’. It’s due out 5th October and you could (and should) pre-order it here. The album is a reflection on the confusing state of affairs both in Britain over the past 14 months but also in singer Jack Murphy’s life too.


The newest track that dropped on Friday is a groovier, more upbeat number than what’s been coming from Youth Killed It in recent months. ‘Great British Summer’ is about what you’d expect, getting out in the sun and having a laugh. Murphy explains it as: “It’s about the fact that everyone is so miserable in the winter when it’s raining and cold – like my next door neighbour who constantly moans about everything when he’s not outside watering his flowers. We’re pretty sure that like 99% of Britain suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and we pine for a bit of sun to cheer us all up. Don’t worry you’re not alone and that’s why we wanted to write this song.”

Give the song a listen here. Go see the lads on tour and go give them a bit of support on their socials.

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