The Killers are sensational on the closing night of TRNSMT

The Killers put on one hell of a show on Sunday night for TRNSMT Festival. Having arrived fresh off the aeroplane from Belgium the band went at breakneck speed through a set of their biggest and best tracks. The Killers may be a safe bet, having headlined T in the Park three times in seven years but they are mainstays of the scene that’ve proved they still have what it takes, 14 years after their first trip to Glasgow.

Opening with ‘The Man’, frontman Brandon Flowers, exuded confidence in his flared thistle suit in a nod to the Scottish crowd. Slick may as well be the guy’s middle name. He struts on stage, nods to the crowd, pulls back an imaginary arrow and confetti cannons fire as he lets go. Flowers proves within thirty seconds of walking on stage that he’s the smoothest motherfucker on this planet.

From the get-go the band are on it, from the strut up and down the stage so that Flowers engages with the whole audience to the confetti canons that are going off before the end of the opening number.


The Killers carefully tailored the set to the Glaswegian crowd from calling ‘Somebody Told Me’ a “belter” and the crowd ‘Weegies’ to playing covers of ‘Whole of the Moon’ and ‘Side’, explaining that the first time Flowers played with The Killers, he played a Travis cover. They were just a deep fried Mars bar away from being declared honorary Glaswegians. It’s easy to forget that behind the golden tan, outrageous suits and equally outrageous persona that Brandon Flowers was just another Britpop kid back in the day.

The Killers embody the flashy showmanship of their native Las Vegas in everything they do. From their elaborate set of neon signs and a water tower to the extravagant gong behind drummer Ronnie Vanucci and  suits of Brandon Flowers. Despite all this glitz and being a band with more beef than a Toby Carvery, they appear all smiles and happy go lucky as they go about the show.

Despite it being two and one years respectively since Mark Stoermer and Dave Keuning bowed out of touring, guitarist Ted Sablay has settled right into his role, stepping up on his speaker and taking all the glory during the likes of ‘When We Were Young’, clearly Flowers’ confidence is infectious.

Returning for the encore in his famed golden suit, Flowers was unstoppable. The frontman’s confidence never faltered as he bumped through Wonderful Wonderful’s ‘The Calling’ doing his now famous dance that falls somewhere between Madness and the running man. The suit, along with the dance and the stage props made the crowd feel like they had their own slice of fabulous Las Vegas right in the middle of Glasgow.

‘Mr Brightside’ was met with an overjoyed but mixed reaction as casual fans danced away, other more observant ones noticed that The Killers played the remix. Despite this, everyone lost their minds as you’d expect for the song that has become synonymous with our generation.

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