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The 1975 are back and they’re firing shots left, right and centre on ‘Love It If We Made It’

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The 1975 are firmly back and after a set of care packages were sent to fans and press offices they had the indie teen/young adult population of the UK buzzing off their tits for ‘Love It If We Made It’. Having teased fans by tweeting lyrics from the second verse earlier in the month, it came out that a song will be released every month up until the month A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships comes out.

The track is similar in it’s synth heavy stylings and critical analysis of modern life to ‘Give Yourself a Try’ but differs pretty much everywhere else. The lyrics are sharp, edgy even though that’s no doubt deliberate with lines like “saying controversial things just for the hell of it”. Interestingly Healy opens talking about himself like in ‘Give Yourself a Try’, talking openly and even brashly about his drug addiction. There’s an depreciating ‘if you don’t laugh you’ll cry’ humour in the song. Lines like “Poison me daddy” and “The war has been incited and guess what?/You’re all invited”.

Matty Healy takes shots at the big and the small from the refugee crisis to police violence against black men to how Donald Trump both acts around women and befriended Kanye West on twitter. It’s a high volume of information to take in in a four minute period but it’s probably a sign of what’s to come on the album as a whole.

Give ‘Love It If We Made It’ a listen here and keep an eye out for the next step of The 1975’s marketing campaign for A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships. There’s also a music video to come by the looks of it so keep your eyes peeled for that too. Have a look at our review of ‘Give Yourself a Try’ here too if you fancy it.

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