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The Francos have ‘Absolute Scenes’ on their hands for their new EP

Australian dreamboats, The Francos, have returned to form for their sophomore EP Absolute Scenes. It builds on the groovy, psychedelic sound from Take the Train Home but with more mature production. The EP is drenched in a syrup sweet coating of trance like vocals that you can’t tear away from. If you think this is a one listen and move on thing, you’re wrong.

‘King of the Hill’ is a reverb heavy little number and the best from Absolute Scenes. The track is oozing with indie rock goodness, as is ‘Spectacle’ whilst the other tracks veer off into more psychedelia and electro pop. The bridge of ‘Spectacle’, truly is a spectacle, has to be seen to be believed, otherwise you’d never believe the cosmic goodness was too good to be true. Tight layering of the drums, bass, guitars and levels of vocals are simply dreamy.

‘Around’ has some real beachy chill vibes and more importantly, Beach Boys vibes. The harmonies on the chorus are so soothing it’s bloody wonderful. The wee brass section on the song is a real nice touch. The whole EP is refreshing, it’s a chilled out yet buzzing sound that European bands never quite manage to attain.

Give the Absolute Scenes EP a listen here and be sure to show the lads some support over on their socials.

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