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Peach Club bring their fury for ‘Boy in a Band’

Riot Grrrl rebels Peach Club hit back at creepy band guys in new single ‘Boy in a Band’. The Norwich four piece are playful yet political, capturing the anger of 90s feminist punk like Bikini Kill whilst also pushing toward the anger of Rage Against the Machine. Peach Club embody the fire of riot grrrl founders like Molly Neuman and Becca Albee.

‘Boy in a Band’ is an attack on the men in the indie and DIY scenes who take advantage of being in a band. It takes on all the tropes, from buying drinks for girls they know are underage to creeping on their social media, the song plays to the stereotypes. It’s a gritty, abrasive three minutes and twenty five seconds. There’s a manic energy behind the guitars and thrashing drums that keep the song angry.

Whilst the problem is serious, the song is funny; it’s tongue in cheek. It mocks these creepy men and all the things they do, even with little touches like the “so no head?!” meme reference on the front cover.

Give the song a listen right here on bandcamp and show them some support on their socials.

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