Youth Killed It: “This is our first proper full album”

Norwich rockers Youth Killed It may be a small band but, my god they’re mighty. They were originally formed in early 2016 as a tongue in cheek punk outfit, eventually coming to be the politically motivated indie five piece that they now are.

Youth Killed It draw influences from various corners of Rock, Pop and RnB from The Kooks to Gorillaz to Red Hot Chili Peppers. They’ve come a long way from their first album: “ It definitely feels like the sound has matured from the first album. It’s raw and punchy where as Modern Bollotics felt more airy and riffy.

This is also our first proper full album whereas MB was two EP’s and a song mashed together, this one was written with the intention of being one, thematic record, the songs definitely feel more varied and grown up in terms of lyrics.

WSGB is everything from our first album but more defined, more in depth. It took longer to write this album and we’ve put our heart and soul into every note. I would say “Great British Summer” and the Title Track “What’s So Great, Britain?”

In new single ‘Headbutt’ you can really hear the new songwriting coming together: “Jack has a great understanding and way of getting his thoughts across in his lyrics. I guess he writes about what he knows and thinks about, and i think that is clearly reflected in the new album.” The song addresses toxic masculinity and getting tired of dealing with ‘alpha males’ every day.

The band have had a busy festival season, “We have been so lucky to play some amazing festivals this year and we hope to play as many as people will let us. I would say the WonkFest really stood out, not the biggest but the crowd and the organisers were amazing and it was an honour to be a part of it.” Youth Killed It also made appearances at Isle of Wight, Tramlines and headlined a stage at Y-Not.

The album artwork for What’s So Great, Britain? features a selection of people, together in front of a block of run down flats in London. “Most of the tracks have a character assigned to it, I think this will be clear in the sleeve when you buy the Vinyl or CD.“ It helps to illustrate the picture the album creates of modern life in Britain. It’s gritty and bleak.

What’s So Great, Britain? is available for pre-order here and grab a ticket for Youth Killed It’s Autumn Tour here.

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