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Miles Kane Plays it Safe for Coup de Grace

A Coup de Grace, a final blow. Was this album the fatal hit to the critics who claim Miles Kane is only the sum of his collaborators? It would seem Kane failed to land the knockout punch. Despite having been one of the surviving figures of British indie since the golden age of the mid 2000s, a single song of Kane’s rolls off the tongue, and that’s only due it’s feature in a car advert. Having borrowed and pinched from his peers over the years, he’s yet to establish his own sound and Coup de Grace only adds to the mystery surrounding Kane’s signature sound.

There’s been lots of talk about this album being make or break for Kane after the runaway success of The Last Shadow Puppet’s Everything You’ve Come To Expect. This would be the chance for Kane to step out of Alex Turner’s shadow and prove Turner isn’t the only brains behind TLSP. However, this album has just proven how much Kane likes to lean on his peers, staying in his comfort zone.

There’s nothing necessarily new about Coup de Grace that wouldn’t be found in another Miles Kane album aside from some backing vocals from Lana Del Ray. Imagine a thirty something year old man singing Colour of the Trap, and that’s it, it doesn’t feel much different from his beginnings content wise. In terms of delivery it all changes, the spark appears to be gone which is bizarre considering the life some of these songs and Kane himself have live.

He channels the classics through many songs but does little to challenge or change them, taking some real Imagine Lennon in ‘Killing the Joke’ and that stretches to some clear influence from The Fall, Mark E. Smith’s seething anger in ‘Silverscreen’. Of course the whole album pretty much is draped in a gritty cool that is the trademark of Jamie T.

Whilst Coup de Grace is by no means a bad album, it’s just tracing steps that Miles Kane has taken before. The album had potential to catapult Kane into the mainstream alas all it’s done is prove that he is an accessory to Alex Turner after all. Perhaps next time round there’ll be something new there but there’s a high probability his time will have been and gone.

Give Coup de Grace a listen here.

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