The Old Pink House deliver dreamy tunes at The Cluny

Newcastle’s dreamiest boys played their biggest, sweatiest show yet at The Cluny on Saturday night following their triumphant debut EP Expectations drop the day previous. The show saw a spectacular lineup, big tunes and a lot of bouncing around.

Penguin opened the show with a short yet impressive set of their offbeat indie. Next up were Teeside’s next big thing, Llovers, who bumped up the tempo with their sickly sweet vocals and jangly guitars. By the time The Old Pink House came on the crowd were warmed up and raring to go.

The Old Pink House came onstage to be greeted by a roar, launching straight into their dreamy psychadelic pop. Running through a set that mixes old and new songs alike it’s clear to see quite how far the band have come in a short space of time.

The second song of the set, ‘Jaded’ saw the crowd get moving to the sound of Christopher Brown’s slick vocals. Sing-alongs to older songs doesn’t go unnoticed by the band who settle in more when they see the crowd are on their side. A good mixture of guitar and synth heavy tracks make for a well rounded set, accessible to new and old fans alike.

The set sees The Old Pink House go from strength to strength, showing off their penchant for big synth riffs and even bigger bass licks. A couple of new songs from Expectations get their debut including most recent single ‘Heart’s Beat’. The soaring chorus gets a well deserved singalong, sending it off properly.

This show was the culmination of coming up to two years of hard work for the band, who are a true testament to what putting in proper graft can get. If The Old Pink House sound like your kind of thing, you’re in luck because they’ve got a UK tour coming up. Check out tickets here.


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