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Fall Out Boy Miss the Mark on Lake Effect Kid

Fall Out Boy release surprise EP Lake Effect Kid as an ode to their Chicago upbringing. The three track EP was announced yesterday via the band’s Instagram. Lake Effect Kid is based on the band’s early 2008 demo of the same name, taking a lot of Fall Out Boy’s early sounds and remixing them to fit the style of M A N I A. 

The demo of ‘Lake Effect Kid’ came as part of a pre-release mixtape from Folie A Deux and this is clear in the first two songs on the EP. There’s a lot more of the guitar driven punch and pop punk vibes from them than from ‘Super Fade’.

‘City In a Garden’ bridges the gap between the first and last song that sound nothing alike. The song takes instrumental flourishes from the Save Rock and Roll era whilst the vocals are reminiscent of the grand melodies of Folie a Deux. 

The third and final track is a sour note on Lake Effect Kid, unfortunately missing the mark with too much dubbing. If the chorus stuck with the big guitar riff remix and avoided the vocal overmixing and pitching issues it’d be listenable on the whole but there’s rush to make ‘Super Fade’ sound more like M A N I A. On the whole the track is more jarring than anything.

It appears the Fall Out Boy are fully aware of the appeal of their older pre-hiatus material to old fans and have capitalised whilst attempting to keep a hold on newer fans but the amalgamation of the old and new sounds is not a worthwhile venture. Lake Effect Kid is too everywhere to be considered a body of work in itself, rather than a collection of odd songs that didn’t make the final cut.

Listen to Lake Effect Kid here.

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