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Honne’s belter sophomore album, Loves Me/Loves Me Not

Back in town for a second ride at the rodeo on sophomore album Loves Me/Loves Me Not. The dual sided album flips the coin between lovestruck ballads and heartbreak, the half moons reflecting the two halves of the album. Honne have been clever in that every single they’ve released before the album they’ve released it’s other half with it.

Honne work best when updating and revising music from white funk like Jamiroquai, to the synth pop of the 80s and even some soul. By mixing all these genres the duo create something entirely new and along with their Japan inspired aesthetic that extends through all their work.

‘I Might’ is a sickly sweet opener to Loves Me/Loves Me Not, creating a clear picture for the album. ‘Me and You’ opens with Neil Armstrong’s world renowned quote “one small step for man, one huge step for mankind”. The song alludes to the way that Andy Clutterbuck’s love makes him feel out of this world.

Anna of the North makes an appearance on already fan favourite, ‘Feels So Good’. It builds on the band’s play with minimalism which quickly into the big pop chorus. By far the biggest bop is ‘Location Unknown’, don’t even bother fighting it. It’s the turning point of the album where the heartbreak sets in before ‘Crying Over You’ goes deep into sadness.

‘Crying Over You’ is atmospheric and has a really rich soundscape thanks to some really top quality production. ‘I Just Wanna Go Back’ is about as crisp and futuristic as you’ll catch Honne. It’s lost against the futurism of the album’s Asian aesthetic but it’s crisper than the usual hazy chill you’d see from Honne.

‘Forget Me Not’ does a nice job of tying up loose ends, being about moving on from moving on. It’s the full guide to love, loss and depression (if The Wombats don’t mind that is). This is Honne but bigger, better and bolder than you ever remembered.

Give Loves Me/Loves Me Not a listen here.

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