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Internet Megastar comes for Prince’s crown

Internet sensation and cyber superstar Adam Sounds-Good (Yes, that’s his surname. How on brand) has returned for his annual cover. For the second birthday of his blog, also called Sounds Good, he delivered a sensational cover of Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry’.

Doing an acoustic cover of Prince of all people really does take guts. Adam takes on the challenge effortlessly, taking a song recognised for it’s synths and Prince’s deep harmonies but Adam transforms it, taking a classic and reinventing it, is there anything this man can’t do?

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When reached for comment about his music beginnings, Adam told us: “I was inspired to do this cover because I really like Doves, and believe that much like the bird, everything should be pure and life should always be tranquil. We should always be confident in saying Fuh You to all things bad, and be able to live our lives as freely as the humble Dove.”

Being such a free spirit comes naturally to a guy like Adam and that’s clear through the way he carries himself through his cover of ‘When Doves Cry’. Despite the original being an emotionally wrought number, Adam takes a laidback tone and ad libs in a Nickelback worthy ‘aaah’ and mood lightening laughs in the second verse.


Give ‘When Doves Cry’ a listen here and go check out Adam’s blog here. If you think he’s good at singing his reviews are gonna make you cry (in the good way).

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