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Youth Killed It face facts on ‘This Sounds Cliché’

Teasing their sophomore album What’s So Great Britain?, Norwich’s prodigal sons Youth Killed It have released single ‘This Sounds Cliché’. The track tackles an awkward end to a relationship and asking for a second chance. It’s an exploration of relationships in the 21st century and the inevitable breakdown.

The band have said this about the track and what it means: “It was written about a break up which had no real conclusion. A lot of things were ultimately left unsaid and as a result, communication broke down.

The song is about just how hard it can be nowadays, especially for young couples, to hold together relationships with the influence of social media and temptation. We think that values moving forward and evolving is positive but, as humans, we must not lose the ability to communicate face to face.”

Sporting references to indie legends Mike Skinner and Jamie T, Youth Killed It keep their cheeky front for asking for a second chance. By channeling their indie faves the band take on a more mellow sound, even making use of some pianos for the intro and brass for the outro. From what we’ve heard so far, Youth Killed It go from strength to strength and will continue to for the rest of What’s So Great Britain?

Give ‘This Sounds Cliché’ a listen here and pre-order What’s So Great Britain here.

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