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Seafret’s welcome return with Monster EP

Two years is a long time to be away but Bridlington duo, Seafret are back for more with their new EP Monsters. The two piece band have already been met with delight from old and new fans alike for tracks ‘Can’t Look Away’ and ‘Monsters’.

Discussing the EP, they say: “In contrast to our debut album that was recorded in London, we’ve recorded all the new music up in Scotland. By once again removing ourselves from our comfort zone we feel it’s had a great effect on the music and kept it exciting for us. We’ll always only put out music that feels honest to us but by changing our surroundings we feel it’s made us produce music that sounds fresh and new.”

Opener and eponymous track ‘Monsters’ is as dark and brooding as a sounds. Moving away from the more acoustic, delicate sound of their debut album Tell Me It’s Real. The vocals are raw, matching the lyrics which delve into real fear.

The band have said: “We’ve had this song in the bag for a little while now and after playing it live have been itching to release it. We have gone slightly darker in production in comparison to the music we’ve previously released as we felt it best complimented the track.”

The other single from Monsters is ‘Can’t Look Away’ which is the track that marked the duo’s return. The track is big, it’s rhythmic and undeniably catchy. The chorus is hypnotising, the way the vocal melody sweeps up into a flurry of guitar and beating drums with a tinkle of piano makes this song an ear worm. You just can’t turn it off.

‘Bad Blood’ is graceful, and a bigger beast than Seafret have tackled before. Taking on bigger production and matching that with an equally as big chorus from Jack Sedman. The closest their older stuff is ‘Heartless’. It’s lovelorn and the vocals have a Kodaline like emotive quality, just hitting the spot for a good cry when the mood’s right.

Seafret hit the spot with Monsters, wetting the apetite of fans for an album to come whilst giving them enough to hang onto after a two year wait. There’s a lot of growth from the duo’s debut album but two years is a lot of time, they were bound to move on.

Seafret’s Monsters is out on Friday, and they have a UK tour coming up at the end of the month, grab tickets here.

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