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Sisteray’s seething new EP Sisteray Said

Sisteray follow up on their 15 Minutes EP with a seething commentary on the age of social media on Sisteray Said. The London four piece band have been going since 2015 with no signs of slowing down.

Opening track ‘Wannabee’ is a mockery of the rockstar types cluttering up indie landfill as we know it today. With references to vapid lyrics, lines of coke and short lived four chord careers, Sisteray aren’t holding back any punches. The gravely vocals, not unlike Jon King’s, really bring the song to life. ‘Rumour Mill’ has all the atmospherics that build it up into a far bigger beast than you’d think possible for Sisteray as a four piece band. As it bursts into the chorus everything comes together perfectly. The lightness of the guitars offset grungier bass riffs.

Lead single ‘Algorithm Prison’ comes third on Sisteray Said. The song is fast and it’s raging. Talking about social media and being trapped in the code, in relation to Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Here’s where Sisteray really make their best music when taking on social issue.

The final, eponymous track ‘Sisteray Said’ feels like a cut from Jet’s Get Born. The song has as explosion of energy building to the chorus with chugging bass until the pounding drums come to the forefront. Short but sweet, ‘Sisteray Said’ pulls the whole EP together in a pleasing way.

Give Sisteray Said a listen when it come out tomorrow but for now listen to ‘Wannabees’ and ‘Algorithm Prison’ here and grab a ticket for their UK tour.


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