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Lauren Aquilina returns in spectacular fashion for ‘Psycho’

Two years ago Lauren Aquilina quit the music industry, sort of. She decided to stop releasing music, happy to settle into studio jobs like writing for others. Two years later, she’s back and better than ever. New single ‘Psycho’ is a new sound for Aquilina and by the sounds of it she’s never been better.

‘Psycho’ clearly has influences of the biggest women in pop. You can hear Dua Lipa, Anne-Marie and most prominently Lorde, definitely Melodrama Lorde. The song details the story of a relationship gone sour and where that leaves Lauren Aquilina in the fallout, acting like a psycho. There’s an immediacy to the vocals that makes them so vivid. The depth to the vocals and song as a whole bring it together.

The song takes the sound of Isn’t It Strange?  tunes like ‘Wicked Game’ and ‘Hurt Any Less’ and updates it. Using more production and less traditional elements, the song goes without the piano that featured heavily on her debut. Small touches such as the hum right at the beginning of the song show the amount of thought that’s gone into the production. These flourishes are little but go a long way toward cultivating a sound unique to Lauren Aquilina.

Give ‘Psycho’ a listen here and keep your eyes peeled for Lauren Aquilina’s next move. A few more live dates? An EP? An album? Who Knows. Exciting times ahead.

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