Ugly Kid Joe run a victory lap of America’s Least Wanted for 25th Anniversary

Last year Ugly Kid Joe celebrated the 25th anniversary of their seminal punk rock album, America’s Least Wanted. I have the pleasure of knowing an Ugly Kid Joe fan from when the album was first released so it seemed only fitting to go with her and get the full experience.

In typical rebel fashion, the fan, Leanne (my friend and work mam) skipped school at the age of fifteen to meet Ugly Kid Joe, and they ripped the badge off her school shirt, drawing a dick on the back of it. True punks. And looking at them 25 years on, I reckon they’d still do that.

On the night support came in the form of Yellow Cake and Haggard Cat. Yellow Cake is the side project of Ugly Kid Joe’s frontman Whitfield Crane. Despite the crowd size being abysmal the band still give it all. Haggard Cat come up next and create an impressive wall of sound for a two piece band.

By the time Ugly Kid Joe walk out the crowd has tripled in size and there’s a range of people watching, some OG fans and some, like me, too young to have even been there first time around. The band straight off the bat launch into a full set of hits, opening with ‘Neighbour’.

Going through songs like ‘Goddamn Devil’ and ‘So Damn Cool’, it’s all leading up to the band’s smash hit ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ which boasts an impressive 30 million hits on Spotify alone.

The crowd are ready for it from the opening chords, every word is sung louder by the crowd than the band can keep up with. A strange part of the night comes from the song being dedicated to the father and son security, who are the stewards at the barrier.

From here the show only got better and reached it’s peak by the time ‘Everything About You’ comes around. The crowd give one last roaring singalong whilst the band live out their victory lap, taking in the adoration with grins on their faces.

Listen to America’s Least Wanted here.

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