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Sea Girls gear up for tour with new single All I Want to Hear You Say

Sea Girls are back with yet another tasty single. From the outside they may appear to be just another bunch of lads with nice guitars and even nicer hair but that’s where you’re wrong. This band have a lot of charm, expertly mixing elements of pop, rock and indie to create songs about being young and dumb. Sea Girls have had a massive year and it appears to be showing no signs of slowing down.

‘All I Want to Hear You Say’ is bigger and better than what Sea Girls have done before. Opening with a simple acoustic guitar/vocal, it explodes into a massive synth filled chorus asking if they can say ‘hello’ because they’ve been plaguing the girl in question’s news feed twice a day. It’s about that wanting to cultivate this ultra cool image to get respect from others, and how it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it yourself.

It’s evident that after a big year, Sea Girls are far more confident in their sound, now unafraid to burst out with big choruses and play around with more poppy sounds in places but overall a more upbeat sound. The way the guitar and synth comes together in the chorus isn’t unlike the way Hard-Fi weaved them together for Stars of CCTV. 

Vocalist and songwriter, Henry Camamile: “There’s this common problem where we all measure ourselves by how other people perceive us, and that desire for others to want and respect you.  You need to respect yourself first though.  You can’t wait for the approval of someone else, and that’s the message we want to portray here in, All I Want To Hear You Say.”

Give ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’ here and grab a ticket for their first UK headline tour, be quick though it’s selling out fast.

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