Júníus Meyvant announced 2019 EU tour

Júníus Meyvant has announced plans to hit the road again for an impressive European tour in the early months of 2019, including three UK dates following a year away from the UK.
Building on his fast growing reputation for impressive live performances, the shows are set to feature an extraordinary seven piece band, with a brass section no less, and will mainly draw from Meyvant’s upcoming sophomore album Across The Border. 

Recorded at the renowned Hljóðriti Studio on the outskirts of Reykjavik, and engineered & mixed by Guðmundur Kristinn Jónsson (Ásgeir, Erlend Oye, Hjálmar), the richly orchestrated album embraces a wide palette of sounds and is awash with soulful, charming melodies.
Throughout the eleven tracks, the natural warmth of Júníus Meyvant’s unmistakeable vocals are matched and heightened by a full string section and brass ensemble, creating a hearty wall of blissful sound. ‘Across The Borders’ showcases the very finest of Júníus Meyvant’s freaky-folk pop.
Newest single ‘High Alert’ is a sweet taste of what’s to come. With full band jazz elements that Meyvant touched upon on tracks like ‘Neon Experience’ and ‘Be A Man’ on his debut Floating Harmonies. On this new track his vocals are far more refined and crisp, as are the beats as he moves away from dreamier sounds.
Listen to ‘High Alert’ here and grab tour tickets right here.

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