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Brandon Ferson’s starting something on debut album

There was a time five years ago where the name ‘Brandon Ferson’ would evoke the nostalgia of a local news outlet ahead of its time. Cut forward to 2018 and Brandon is a sensation-in-waiting.

Making his debut with arguably his best album so far, ‘Start Something’ shows Brandon’s command of style mixed with authentic experiences from throughout his troubled life, all leading the way for damn tasty music.

A particular standout from his debut album is the hypnotic ‘Summer Sunset’, which feels as satisfying to get into as a long bath after a long commute home from work. Brandon’s firing on all cylinders here, and the sheer variety in ‘Start Something’ – and the following bonus releases in the form of classic covers of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and ‘Yesterday’ – results in one of the best albums of the last decade.

Coincidentally following the lead of the Beatles, Brandon’s most accessible work is followed up by what is clearly his most experimental. However, unlike the aforementioned band, this experimentation falls short and hinders what could’ve been an enjoyable experience.

‘Coasts’ isn’t without its bright spots and ‘Puddle Day’ stands out amongst the mediocrity, but the rest of the album doesn’t hold a candle to the legacy of ‘Start Something’. Even with his admirable boldness, Brandon’s spirits aren’t too lively here and he phones it in from the first track.

After a spin of exploration and a drop in work, ‘Roads’ promises to be a return to what put Brandon on the road to being a household name. This approach couldn’t be more fitting, seeing as he started production when he returned to his hometown this summer. Brandon’s used his time off carefully, and it shows in the preview we got of ‘Roads’. If the rest of the album is like its first track, ‘Blue Lagoon’, we’re in for a treat.

It’s clear that after a streak of inconsistency and a brief hiatus, Brandon is back. After releasing some of what has the potential to be his greatest work since his uncredited influence on ‘Wonderwall’, Brandon doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

-This was written by our guest writer, who would like to be known as Robin Bland. Robin is a student going into their second year of uni, who in their spare time watches Doctor Who and applies for tea time quiz shows.

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