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Sour burst onto the scene with debut ‘Oh No’

A few months ago the sad news that FREAK were disbanding broke on twitter and their growing but dedicated fanbase (moi included) all shed a tear or twelve. Alas, we can all wipe our eyes, they’re back! under the new moniker Sour. HOW EXCITING!

Their debut single ‘Oh No!’ absolutely slaps. A complete 180 from the FREAK sound, this single opens on a big synth beat, giving some really sweet distortion before the sweeping chorus comes in.

Channeling the likes of Joywave yet maintaining the energy and sheer force behind the band’s previous work, the sound of ‘Oh No’ is something completely new. The beats and looped, echoing vocals creating just the right friction.

To accompany the song, there’s a snazzy new video too. Featuring a sick light up dance floor and frontman Connor pulling some impressive shapes in a mesmerising light show. This is not to be missed.

Give the song a listen here and be sure to give the boys some love on their socials.

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