Motherwell’s finest rock The Cluny in Newcastle

The LaFontaines have a lot to answer for. They’re Scotland’s prodigal sons who boast accolades such as selling out The Barrowlands, being the first band to get a crowd so big people had to be turned away from a tent at T in the Park yet only just this year have began to experience mainstream successes like being played on BBC Radio 1. Luckily, having been a band for 10 years this year, they’ve had a lot of experience.

For a bunch of lads with sharp haircuts, and even sharper lyrics the world appears to be in their hands. They’re hometown heroes, played the main stage of TRSNMT this year and coming to take on the rest of the world, one up close and personal gig at a time.

The Weegee four piece touched down in Newcastle last night kicking off their UP tour.¬†With a money back guarantee if the roof isn’t blown off the venue by the end of the night, The LaFontaines have a lot to live up to. That being said, with two albums that pack a punch under their belt, Motherwell’s finest have the right tools for the job.

Strutting out on stage, it becomes immediately clear that The LaFontaines don’t fuck around. Starting with their best feet forward, they open with thundering drums and roaring guitars. From here the the crowd goes mental, only spurring on the band to make of themselves an even bigger spectacle, frontman Kerr Okan’s energy proves infectious.

Newest single ‘Up’ finds it’s way into the set and hearing it live really makes the song come alive. Rattling through favourites from ‘Under the Storm’ to ‘Release the Hounds’ and ‘Class’, they never miss a beat. It may appear that after a lifetime of being pushed aside by the likes of mainstream radio that The LaFontaines have a lot to prove but this show proves that they couldn’t give a fuck so long as the fans are happy. It’s a good way to think and they left Newcastle with plenty of punters happy.

Give ‘Up’ a listen here and be sure to check them out on the backend of the tour.

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