Spring King ooze garage rock goodness at The Cluny

If you ever paid any attention in English Lit you would know what pathetic fallacy is. For those of you that didn’t, it when the weather forebodes or portrays something. You could say that the belting rain was pathetic fallacy for the whirlwind show Spring King played at The Cluny last night. After back to back belters on their sophomore album A Better Life, the band touched down in Newcastle for the second date of their album tour.

It’d be easy to all sit around and cry with the kind of subjects Spring King approach with their music, A Better Life especially but they have this incredible lust for life that really comes through in their music. Just watching them makes the teenagers in the crowd feel free and everyone feel like they’re eighteen again.

It’s really clear live the difference between Tell Me If You Like To and A Better Life there’s a level of complexity that underpins a lot of the latter where the former is straight forward garage indie rock. Tell Me If You Like To is the voice of teenage rebellion whereas A Better Life is an awakening and an awareness for the world around us and it’s failings.

Songs like ‘The Hum’ and ‘Ready For War’ are held together by group harmonies that The Beach Boys would be proud of, the chorus of ‘The Hum’ playing out more like a battle cry than anything else, Tarek directing the crowd from behind the drum kit as kids race up to stage dive into each other

There’s roars from the crowd for fan favourites like ‘City’ that get both the band and the crowd going, pits opening and lyrics being belter at the tops of their lungs in the tiny room which is beginning to gather condensation on the ceiling. ‘Mumma’ sees a minor stage invasion of a couple of the hardcore fans screaming out that chorus for the whole room to see.

‘Rectifier’ sees a pit half the size of the room and James pull some of the most interesting facial expressions of the night. It’s hard to imagine a band like Spring King haven’t seen it all at this point but regardless Tarek grins from ear to ear as the pit closes in on itself. It’s clear with the way they sing, dance and act that Spring King give their shows everything they’ve got and it’s a relief to see the Newcastle crowd give them just as much in return.

Check out A Better Life here and be sure to catch the back end of their tour, you really don’t want to be missing this.


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