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SPINN pack indie pop with a punch in Tynemouth

Whilst the majority of Newcastle may have found themselves either preparing for inevitable defeat against Crystal Palace or necking trebs in Bijoux, a select few found themselves down Tynemouth Surf Cafe to have a bop to Liverpool four piece, SPINN. The Surf Cafe was packed out with people practically hanging from the rafters to get a better glimpse at the band.

The crowd were primed by sets from Lauren’s Court, Butterjunk and The Adlets. Opening on ‘She Takes Her Time’ the jangly indie rings out in the small venue and bodies begin to move, mainly frontman Johnny Quinn’s as he cuts some shapes in the middle of the room. More recent singles like ‘Shallow’ and ‘It’s Not Getting Better’ get singalongs that appear to humble the band for a few seconds before they get back in the zone.

An immediate defining feature of the band is Quinn’s dance moves. As the other three members of the band keep their heads down and crack on with what they do best, Quinn draws all eyes with his performance. His moves are a mixture, not able to pin down to one influence. He channels, Morrissey’s whimsy with bits of Ian Curtis’ jagged moves, finished off with hips like Shakira.

There’s an advantage to seeing gigs in such tiny venues like Surf Cafe, for the crowd it’s a personal experience when they’re only singing to thirty people but for the band it leaves very little room for error. Spinn had nothing to worry about though, minor hiccups are patched up with jokes and nothing appears to phase them. Two new songs made their way into the set and were well received too.

It’s incredible to watch a band in such an early stage of their career with a clear path. For a bunch of teenagers they take on a lot confidence and professionalism of bands that have been going since these lads were still doing their SATS. If they’ve got it this together at this point in their career then Spinn’s trajectory must be set high. It’s easy to imagine the band hitting the heights of their scouse counterparts The Night Cafe in the coming year.

Give SPINN a listen here and keep your eyes peeled for a new single on the way.

Featured Image Credit: Andy Hughes

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