Pale Waves bring My Mind Makes Noises to Newcastle

Love them or hate them, Pale Waves appear to be here to stay. Following the release of their highly anticipated debut album (read our review here), the Maccunian four piece made their way to Newcastle on their My Mind Makes Noises tour.

The show was easily summed up by the teen in front of me who filmed over half of the show on an app that made video into old VHS style recordings, complete with the fuzzy lines running through the screen and big date in the corner. It was style over substance. Whilst there was nothing wrong with the music, it felt like the lights, outfits and dancing all distracted from it rather than added to.

Opening on ‘Televison Romance’ the fans are all too keen to have a dance and a good time which is well received by the band. For a band that have only just released their debut album in the past two weeks, there’s a lot of people that know the words to a good majority of the songs. Slower songs appear weaker, Pale Waves being known as emos by image not by sound.

One take away from the evening is how enthusiastic the fans are. For a band that have been putting out music for just over a year, their following is dedicated. The band’s first single even got a play, which is rare for bands of this size but given their quick growth Pale Waves were forced to play the majority of their back catalogue.

Unfortunately Pale Waves’ fast rise to the top of the indie scene is apparent. They seem quite unprepared to play venues of this size and to their own crowd having only played tiny shows to their own fans and massive shows to The 1975 fans. The songs are big enough for the space but the band are not yet there.

For Hugo, Charlie and Ciara there seems to be an element of wearing cool clothes as a replacement for an onstage personality. Particularly the two lads seems to slip into the backdrop and the more all three of them allow themselves to do this the more they will become Heather’s additions rather than equal members of the band.

Whilst there’s a lot to improve on, Pale Waves are nonetheless a band that are just starting to play with the heavyweights so there’s plenty of time for them to perfect their craft. Playing to venues of this size to their own fans will hopefully come a bit more naturally to them as this tour goes on, being in mind Newcastle was only the second night.

Listen to My Mind Makes Noises here and see what the hype is about for yourself by catching Pale Waves on the back end of the tour.

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