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Lewis Capaldi’s poignant new single ‘Grace’

Lewis Capaldi is a name that keeps cropping up more and more. Following ‘Tough’ comes ‘Grace’. Back with his soulful, anthemic pop goodness, Capaldi appears unstoppable on this new track, showcasing his impressive vocals.

The song itself is beautiful. Capaldi says: “‘Grace’ is a song about being with someone who makes all the negative shit going on in your life feel irrelevant. There’s something class about finding someone who can do that and I think it’s funny that the feeling of falling for someone can kind of feel like there’s a song stuck in your head that you can;t get out – like there’s this one recurring thought that you keep coming back to throughout the day.

The only difference is that having a song stuck in your head is annoying as fuck and this isn’t. I think when you do get somebody who makes you feel like that, you know of don’t know what you were ever doing or how you felt before and that’s where the line about finding salvation in the form of your grace comes from.”

And if you think you like the song you’re gonna love the video. ” For the video I kind of wanted to do something a bit different. There are some people who are really good at doing sincere videos and stuff like that and that’s cool but it’s just not me, despite my songs being emotional I’m not really the serious type so I thought it’d be funny to just do the most ridiculous idea imaginable.”

Check out ‘Grace’ here and watch the video above.

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