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PICNIC dazzle on newest single ‘Girls Night’


We’ve got something a bit new today, it’s a band called Picnic and I can bet they’re like nothing you already listen to. As a seven piece jazz, funk and pop inspired band from the North East. Every single word in that sentence gets better and better I swear. Picnic are back with ‘Girls Night’ their biggest, and best single yet.

From the get go ‘Girls Night’ ┬áis a rollercoaster. Lead woman Robyn Walker storms in with massive vocals, amping up the anticipation line by line with a strong brass section backing. Everything about this song feels larger than life. There’s a nice juxtaposition between Robyn belting out “It’s a never ending Girls Night” and the group vocals shouting “Girls Night, Girls Night”.

If this song didn’t make you dance then you’re lying. It’s an ear worm melody that had me borderline strutting to work down Clayton Street during the week. If you’re looking for something completely new, Picnic are the band for you and ‘Girls Night’ is just the place to start.

Give ‘Girls Night’ a listen when it comes out tomorrow and be sure to give the band some love on their socials.


Featured Image: Daniel Potts

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