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Childcare tease debut album with new track ‘Man Down’

London’s indie pop outfit Childcare have exciting news with their newest single ‘Man Down’. The track is the first single to be released from Childcare’s upcoming debut album, due February 2019. Big things lie ahead for the band and they’re celebrating with a new single.

‘Man Down’ steps away from the sounds of Luckyucker which dropped last month. The beat was created on a metronomic drum (a first for Childcare) but it fits into the band’s noticeably slick, calculated sounds. The song takes on richer vocals with great melodies that make it seductive.

Singer Ed Cares explains; “At the risk of being accused of jumping on the mental health bandwagon, this song is a rallying cry to my fellow man; be vulnerable, be open, be sensitive and don’t be afraid to moisturise your knuckles if they get dry.” The track is exactly that, a rallying cry. It’s stripped down vocals hit the spot, it’s genuine and it’s hopeful.

Listen to ‘Man Down’ here and be sure to catch Childcare live.

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