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The New Consistent’s eponymous heartfelt debut

It’s rare to find sincerity in music. Music is first and foremost a labour of love; smothered beneath layers of pretension and misguided intentions, it can be an easy thing to forget. The New Consistent, the brain child of 18-year-old Ben Ramsay, has finally made a statement with his first, self-titled release.

Produced by Austin “Ozzy” Williams of indie-rock band Swim Deep, this lo-fi track sees a melding of spoken word poetry and sang verses that gives it a distinctive honesty. The twinkling guitarwork is weighted down by the insouciance of his vocals. This, coupled with the lyrics which are like thoughts over-spilling, a stream of consciousness, gives an impression of intimacy as if you are his confidant.

The track is at its most visceral when Ramsay’s spoken word is lifted by ethereal backing vocals, pondering “Is this the new consistent?” It’s a brilliant first single, unpolished enough to know he means it.

Listen to The New Consistent’s self titled track here, and go show some support on his socials.

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