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Black Peaks conquer on ‘All That Divides’

Black Peaks are a band that turned heads in early 2010s due to their exceptional debut album Statues. Soaring high above the expectations of the prog rock community, Black Peaks have gone on to create a seminal piece of work in the shape of All That Divides. The album takes on a life of it’s own through heavy riffs and lyrics that talk about unity, belonging and fear in the face of hate.

Whereas potentially the band could’ve stayed the same on their sophomore album, there’s a real sense of change on All That Divides. Stepping away from crisper, more hollow sounds of ‘Statues of Shame’ to transition into full bodied tracks. The richer sound is apparent in tracks like opener ‘Can’t Sleep’ in which there’s a contrast between deeply emotive singing and bellowing screams.

Astute and powerful, Black Peaks are at their best so far on All That Divides. When speaking about single ‘Home’, lead singer Will Gardner said: “Our feelings of disconnection and division from our country and it’s people, coupled with tour-fatigue and cabin fever, made for some of the most difficult times we have experienced, as a band, as friends, and as people.” This theme of unity in the face of fear is a big theme across the album and is the tie to linking a lot of the songs together.

While Black Peaks continue to make music in a community that gives them the breathing room to experiment they will continue to thrive. As one of the most exciting bands in the UK scene, there is no doubt that they will go on with more energy and life than we’ve seen from them before. Black Peaks still have a lot more to give, this is just scratching the surface.

Black Peak’s All That Divides is available from 5th October via Rise Records. The band are also on tour around the UK this winter.

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