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Youth Killed It smash it out the park on What’s So Great, Britain?

The Norwich massive are out in force for What’s So Great, Britain?. This is the sophomore effort from Youth Killed It. This is the first “proper album” by the band, their debut being a mixture of old EPs and singles. What’s So Great, Britain? is a look at Britain over the past 18 months, taking a closer inspection of human matter from break ups to society in Brexit Britain.

Opening on ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’ a song which examines post-Brexit Britain and peers into the ‘old fashioned’ views that drag us down and how society is changing in front us. The bouncy indie melodies offset the heavier lyrical content. As always Youth Killed It approach their subject matter with a pinch of salt.

There’s nothing off the table for Youth Killed It. Throughout this album without stumbling, this band don’t mince their words. ‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’ feels raw. It’s not quite the typical story of life not being quite what it cracked up to be. The song hits the nail on the head depicting life in your twenties. There’s an admittance that we knew things were spiralling out of control for a long time. It’s not just blaming the big man or bad relationships, it’s just life in our generation.

‘0121’ is remiscent of Modern Bollotics’ ‘Thanks for Coming’ with it’s soaring Coldplay pisstake acoustic guitars and tongue in cheek chorus. Bouncy riffs and a singalong chorus make ‘Already Dead’ a recipe for success.

Sporting references to indie legends Mike Skinner and Jamie T on ‘This Sounds Cliche’, Youth Killed It keep their cheeky front for asking for a second chance. By channeling their indie faves the band take on a more mellow sound, even making use of some pianos for the intro and brass for the outro.

Youth Killed It are a unique band it a lot of senses and What’s So Great, Britain? is a display of the wonderful weirdness they have to offer. Jack Murphy’s storytelling ability is simply unparalleled, especially on such a diverse range of topics. As Youth Killed It go they only get better and this album is a perfect example of what can be achieved with genuine intentions and a bit of graft.

Listen to Youth Killed It here and be sure to head down to catch them live on their UK tour dates in the coming days.

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