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Sundara Karma make their big return with ‘Illusions’

After a year out, Sundara Karma have returned for their second album. ‘Illusions’ is the first single from the as of yet unnamed album. The song got it’s first proper play on Radio 1 last night and the reaction was mainly positive, a couple of people shocked by the band’s new appearance.

As well as receiving a Radio 1 play, the band debuted the song live at their Neighbourhood headline set on Saturday that went down a treat. The song itself is a completely new take to everything the band have done before.

Pollock deliberately lowers his voice for the track before switching to his usual higher pitch for the chorus. There’s new elements for the band on ‘Illusions’, you can really tell they’ve had some new influences here, more jazz and arthouse rock for sure.

Listen to ‘Illusions’ here and keep your eyes peeled for new things on the horizon.


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