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Avalanche Party’s extravagant new single ‘Million Dollar Man’

Avalanche Party are a force majeure: they do not go on tour; they go on conquests. Their reputation as a live band is unsurpassable – bordering on mythical, in fact – in the way their name has caught like wildfire as they triumph over every stronghold.

‘I’m So Wet’ and ‘Porcelain’ have firmly cemented the five-piece’s place in the pantheon of garage rock, but the release of their latest single ‘Million Dollar Man’, sees their restless pursuit of a new sound.

The artwork for ‘Million Dollar Man’ is reminiscent of Baz Luhrmann’s gilt-edged aesthetic for The Great Gatsby; the grandeur, the extravagance in this track is the same. The deep, droning alloys of Jordan Bell’s vocals are offset with striking electronic pulses.

It has HMLTD’s amped-up glamour, but rather than being garish, ‘Million Dollar Man’ still remains gothic and expansive. Avalanche Party are masters of creating atmosphere, and this track is demonstrative of how this atmosphere can be familiar, while still taking us somewhere entirely new.

Listen to ‘Million Dollar Man’ here.

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