Tom Grennan at Northumbria Institute

Tom Grennan has made big waves in the past twelve months. Last night he headlined Northumbria Institute, last time he was here he was the penultimate act in the O2 Academy at Hit the North. The time before that he played Think Tank. It’s an undeniably massive jump for the singer. He’s shot from a nobody to a pretty massive somebody in a small space of time.

The singer was bold enough to emerge from the fog with just an acoustic guitar to open on ‘Sweet Hallelujah’ alone. The confidence that it took to open on such a delicate number didn’t go unnoticed by the crowd who hung on his every word. Pulling it back as soon as he gave way to emotion, the second song was ‘Royal Highness’, one of Grennan’s most well known songs.

There’s a wide demographic at the show, which is in no small part thanks to all the national radio play Tom Grennan has received in the past few months. There’s couples in their 40s and 50s, there’s groups of lads from the age of 15 up over, there’s young couples and there’s everything in between too.

Even slower songs and acoustic songs have an incredible energy which no doubt is a part of Grennan’s larger than life persona. Even the majority of his encore was acoustic. It’s brave for an artist fresh out the gates to make moves like this but it’s really paying off, making Tom Grennan put on a memorable show.

He’s a modern age Robbie Williams. He’s got the gift of the gab, swaggering confidence and a cheeky smile. He’s not just a singer, he’s an entertainer. Putting on a show seems to be second nature to Tom Grennan.

Check out Tom Grennan here and be sure to catch another date on the tour before it ends.

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