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Lauran Hibberd with ‘What Do Girls Want?’

Lauran Hibberd takes a different tone for new song ‘What Do Girls Want?’.  Taking a second away from her bubbly, playful brand of indie pop, Hibberd packs a little punch into this one.

The song is a sarcastic look at being a girl in the music industry. It takes into account all the double standards, the stereotypes and the general bullshit that follows women around,  especially when they’re young. It’s the perfect anti-anthem.

‘What Do Girls Want?’ is just what you want in an anti-anthem. The chorus is perfectly applicable for singalongs. The lyrics vent just enough frustrating that you want to belt them out. Following in the footsteps of the likes of GIRLI, Lauran Hibberd is on the edge of being a massive hit.

Hibberd said this about the track: “For me, ‘What Do Girls Want?’ is a good punch to the mouth. It’s sarcastic, and bleakly honest. It highlights what it feels like to be young, and obsesses over the ideas that come with being just that.”

Take a listen to ‘What Do Girls Want?’ here.

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