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Jameson Nathan Jones breaks new ground with single ‘Again (feat. Hannah Sumner)’

Neoclassical artist Jameson Nathan Jones is a master at creating haunting soundscapes that grab at the soul. On his latest single ‘Again’, Jones teams up with singer Hannah Sumner, who adds another dimension to his music. Summer’s velvety voice brings some light and energy into the ghostly song.

When Jones steps behind the piano to write, you know he is going to create something interesting. His style is dark, mysterious, and contemplative. An ominous, foreboding atmosphere emanates from his music, seeping into the head of the listener. While most artists today race to create shallow, superficial music that is devoid of depth and wonder, Jones is one of the few who harkens back to the ghost of classical music.

Out of the past there will always be a deep well of glory to draw from. It would be mistaken to believe that music (and all art) always progresses in a linear manner, and sometimes it is those like Jones – after delving into the old and classical – who are able to come back with something ‘new’.

Jameson Nathan Jones hails from Laurel, Mississippi, and Hannah Sumner is from Brooklyn. Despite coming from very different parts of America, together they have such cohesion, truly an electric match. Jones brings forth excellent song craft, while Sumner brings a golden voice and meaningful lyrics. This is a collaboration which I am interested in hearing more from, bravo to both!

Again (feat. Hannah Sumner) by Jameson Nathan Jones

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