Twisterella 2018 Roundup

From the offing The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens was packed out of the door of Westgarth Social Club but it didn’t stop people standing in the entrance way just to get a glimpse at what was happening. The duo delivered a visceral experience, frontman David Saunders’ operatic vocals stun the room to silence. To watch this band is a borderline religious experience, it feels like being born again.

Next came Venus a five piece all female rock band that packed a punch with their sharp lyrics and big riffs. They sing about everything from white lies to lead singer, Grace Kelly, not wanting people’s sympathy for her alopecia. The band don’t put a foot wrong and even treat the crowd to a Deap Vally cover.

From there it’s a short walk to the Townhouse to catch Vistas. The Scottish four piece brought their bright indie rock to life on the light up dancefloor. There were clearly a few fans in the house as songs like ‘Retrospect’ got a sing along and the people down the front got a boogie on.

Despite fierce competition from other venues, Boro’s own Llovers drew quite a crowd at Teesside SU. Giving the crowd a hearty helping of dreamy pop including newest single ‘Go Get Her, Go Getter’ and my personal favourite ‘A Second With You’. What’s not to like?

From one dreamy pop band to the next, Spinn gave it their all to stop frontman Johnny Quinn’s fears of being upstaged by the Townhouse dancefloor coming true. The scouse four piece had the crowd bopping along to the likes of ‘Notice Me’ whilst Quinn was pulling shapes on the dance floor.

Childcare delivered two sets of their upbeat, left of centre pop at Twisterella, the second being at the Townhouse. There’s a helping of their newest EP where the group’s vocal melodies come to life and get the crowd moving to their slick beats.

The Townhouse is the place to be for the day as The Snuts also take to the light up dancefloor. The West Lothian four piece have the floor shaking with their massive anthems like ‘What’s Going On?’. There’s power behind frontman Jack Cochrane’s voice that makes the band one to watch.

The Blinders took on the task of headlining Twisterella, along with Estrons and Avalanche Party. The three piece, following the release of Columbia have been in high demand. Referencing the ever changing dystopian world that we find ourselves in, The Blinders leave their mark on Twisterella with their dark, twisted rock.

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