Sea Girls’ explosive performance at Think Tank

Following the release of their most recent single ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’, Sea Girls have embarked on a headline tour of the UK, including their very first headline show in Newcastle where we had the pleasure of catching them. Support came from Edinburgh’s Vistas as usual supports The Pale White got a night off in their hometown.

Vistas had a busy day, playing a blinder of a set at Twisterella before darting off to Newcastle to rip through the Think Tank crowd with their feel good hits like ‘Retrospect’ and newest single ‘Headspace’. The mood changes when Sea Girls step on stage to give a welcome final dose of summer through their bright, infectious hooks.

If there’s one word to describe a Sea Girls gig, it’s bouncing. The energy, the crowd, the band even the melodies, it’s all bouncing. Frontman Henry Chamimile is firing out smouldering glances like they’re going out of fashion whilst the crowd are eager to be moving to the band’s sun soaked hits.

Opening strong with ‘Eat Me Whole’ and ‘What For’ in quick succession there appeared to be little or no sign of the band slowing down. By the time Chamimile took a breath and greeted the crowd the temperature of the room had already raised another ten degrees.

It becomes clear quite quickly that the frontman is a showman, from the way he clutches at the ceiling and leans into the front row in ‘Too Much Fun’ to jumping into the crowd to be face to face with the audience for ‘Adored’, he wants everyone involved and everyone moving. The latter act was a bold one but one that the band are known for, many punters cramming closer to see the spectacle.

It’s clear to see why Sea Girls have become such a live phenomenon when they pull off performances like this one in Newcastle where they clearly were in their element, bringing crowds together to celebrate youth and teenage rebellion.

Listen to Sea Girls here and keep your eyes peeled for more news in the coming months.



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