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Westerman wins big with new single ‘Albratross’

Westerman may not be the most popular artist, but he has a loyal and devoted following. His music is very artsy, and full of interesting sounds and textures. His imminent rise becomes clear to me with the release of each single, all of which are precious artistic gems.

The latest ‘Albatross’ is an exciting showcase of Westerman’s burgeoning skills as a songwriter. He has an idiosyncratic sound that draws elements from the Police and Peter Gabriel but is completely modern. In addition, Westerman has the unique knack of creating a dreamlike song that puts the listener in a soothing trance.

‘Albatross’ sounds quite pleasing and mild at first listen, but with further listens the song reveals itself to be complex, melodic, and addictive. Westerman’s songs seem to evoke a mood and vibe that warrant and request many listens. ‘Albatross’ has a calming essence and a buttery guitar tone that will keep you coming back again and again.

Over a half a year ago Westerman released ‘Confirmation’, which drew considerable acclaim. This subdued London musician was catapulted to the front pages of Pitchfork and the like. Despite copious critical attention, Westerman has not yet achieved the popularity he deserves. But that time will come. Westerman is a music critic’s wet dream, as it is rare to see a talent this near popular explosion.

Listen to ‘Albatross’ here.


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