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Sam Fender’s incredible new song ‘That Sound’

Having heard this song live a couple of weeks ago at Neighbourhood, it’s safe to say I was more than a little excited when I saw it was the newest release from Sam Fender. The song comes from the Dead Boys EP which is coming on 20th November, just in time for Fender’s headline tour of the UK.

The song itself is drenched in big 80’s influenced guitars that come in driving the song to it’s massive chorus, paired with Fender’s roaring vocals is a winning combo. With the reverb turned up to eleven the guitars are grungy and already sound like they belong on an epic U2 song from the early 90’s. ‘That Sound’ wouldn’t sound out of place in an angsty John Hughes film, playing out over the credits.

The song channels a hefty portion of hometown rage, talking about the ‘green eyed monsters’ that envy those who get out purely because it’s not them that did it. It also deals with keeping feet on the ground and how to keep going through it all. Fender’s songwriting is exceptional here, matching that of greats like Springsteen and Buckley. There’s immediacy to his tone and writing that makes his tracks even more striking.

Listen to ‘That Sound’ here.

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