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Girl in Red’s newest demo ‘maybe’

It’s often overwhelming seeing the extravagant studios used by bands, or the complex mess of pedals and other equipment that often line their stages, but for one Norwegian nineteen year old that is simply unnecessary clutter: using only a Macbook, her midi controller and a guitar, Marie Ulven (known to her fans as ‘girl in red’) creates a dreamy bliss of sound that puts many others in their place.

Relatively reclusive in her outward statement, you won’t find her headlining Glastonbury anytime soon. Despite this, Marie has amassed an impressive following on Spotify, YouTube and Instagram, and when you listen to her songs it’s not hard to see why.

Her latest release, ‘maybe’, released only on YouTube, is just over a minute long, but by the time it is over, the urge to hit repeat is insurmountable. Building quickly, the simple guitar line steadies the ship in a sea of dreamy synths encased by Marie’s soothing voice.

Her lyrics, brutally honest as ever, are almost palliative in nature, reflecting on a lost lover and the longing that goes with it. The song cuts out unexpectedly at the end, leaving you wanting more.

Overall, whether you’re male or female, gay or straight, ‘maybe’ is one of those utterly relatable pieces that is reminiscent of a rainy afternoon alone locked in your bedroom reflecting on your thoughts. Melancholy and candid, even the colour of her pale blue telecaster makes you want to drift into another dimension…

Featured Image Credit: Peter Theisen Amlie

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