In Conversation with: FOXE

Foxe may appear to be your average band on the surface but plug into their zany brand of pop and you’ll hear that they’re so much more than that.


The band have recently set up a day festival in London along with friends at Turtle Tempo “Dan, who’s promoting the event sent over a bunch of bands to us and asked us which ones we want for the show and we listened to all of them and decided which ones we thought sounded really good. Some of them we also knew from before so we just invited them along to the show.” Lead single, George, explains.

Antonia, resident Bassist says: “We thought it’d be more inclusive to have more people there and make it more of an event.  With gigs, gigs are great but we thought it’d be more fun to do an all dayer kind of thing.

I think with gigs sometimes you only meet the two other bands with you so I think it’s quite fun to have lots of band together who are quite similar and have a similar audience, so we can get together and really make a community out of it, I guess.”

They reminisce on gigs they’ve done with Castells and Lime before we move on to their newest single ‘Frequency’. Surprisingly it was one of the first songs the band wrote after forming as freshers at Uni, now they’re graduates. “It was one of the first songs we ever wrote really.

It was basically around the time that we were first year uni students, obviously the classic you go out to freshers it’s all having fun and the nights out and we just decided to write a song about that. Really that’s what ‘Frequency’ is.” Antonia tells us.

When they think back it’s hard to recall the influences they were listening to at the time. There’s a lot of variation between the trio’s music tastes which also comes into play, pulling little bits from everywhere.

There’s no one way that a Foxe song comes together either they explain: “Sometimes in a rehearsal we’ll jam together and something will come up or someone will come in with an idea already, sometimes George comes in with lyrics and we write something around that or we say “let’s write a song like ‘Bubblegum’ was about being on a bad date”. We were like “how can we write a song about being on a bad date?” but make it sound happy.”

“We usually just get together and play and sometimes a banger comes out.” George laughs, “I wouldn’t say we go into songs knowing what they’re going to be about all the time and sometimes even when we do that it’ll change but it’s all very Foxe.”

Talk to turns to what comes next and they’re excited to mention the music video for ‘Frequency’ that’s on the way. “We wanted to do it like a hip hop video so we looked at a lot of hip hop videos and realised we wanted quite extravagant things so there’s the clip of us with the really nice car and then there’s the clip of us with the trash car and Antonia’s dad really helped us out with that.” says George.

“Luckily my dad has a factory so he allowed us to smash up the car in there because we were really struggling to find somewhere to legally smash up a car, that was definitely a challenge for this year. We had so much fun doing it and we can’t wait for everyone else to see it and have fun watching it.” Antonia adds.

And in the new year there’s “lots of surprises” on the way, so keep your eyes peeled. Listen to Foxe here and keep an eye on them for that car smashing video for ‘Frequency’.


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