Fickle Friends at Northumbria Institute

Following illness and a cancelled date, there was a small part of me panicking that Fickle Friends wouldn’t end up making it to Newcastle last night but luckily, they did. They brought one hell of a lineup too in the form of Picnic and Marsicans for supports.

Picnic seemed to dazzle all that watched them, those unfamiliar to the band seemed even more dazzled by the idea of a seven piece act. Running through a couple of their upbeat, quirky pop songs. I hope it’s not long until they’re headlining venues like this.

Marsicans followed Picnic and proved why they’re one of the acts to watch for 2018. The room warmed up to their sun drenched brand of indie very quickly, heads were bobbing and feet were moving in time to bigger hitters like ‘Suburbs’ that sounded even better than it does as a studio track.

The main act, Fickle Friends, graced the stage around ten and went big. Everything they do feeds into their aesthetic. Their banner has palm leaves around their name, there’s fake plastic plants around the stage and Natti’s come on in a leopard print shirt and white pants. It all fills this retro, summer in the 80s image that the band have created.

Opening on ‘Bite’ and then taking a whistle stop of their whole careers, going between their newest EP and early singles like ‘Brooklyn’, the setlist took on a bit of everything. Older songs like ‘Brooklyn’ and ‘Hello Hello’ went down the best but I think a lot of the people in attendance, like me, had begun listening to the band early on in their careers so it’s not surprising.

Ending strong on ‘Glue’ and ‘Swim’ there was no encore, just a set full of bangers from start to finish. The band managed to pack a lot into the hour and they all gave a good performance, moving around to the music just as much as the audience did. It’s clear to see why Fickle Friends are a festival favourite when you see them live. They’re bright, lively and in the same vein as Glass Animals, replace those pineapples with palm trees though.

Listen to ‘Fickle Friends’ here.

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