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The Pale White tease new EP with ‘End of Time’

On an seemingly never stopping train, The Pale White have just released ‘End of Time’, the second single from their second EP Take Me to the Strange. The trio have just come back from a tour supporting Sea Girls up and down the country and have a huge hometown gig in December looming large.

‘End of Time’ takes a lot of what people love about The Pale White and refines it. Hope’s vocals sound slick, the almost sultry lyrics just rolling off his tongue and (the other) Hope’s drumming is so crisp and clean cut it cuts through the wall of guitars perfectly.

The track is a delight from start to finish. There’s a beat that demands you move to it and I for one would hate to be the one to deny it. Everything comes together flawlessly on ‘End of Time’, if it’s a sign of what the EP has in store then we’re all in for a treat.

Listen to ‘End of Time’ here and grab a ticket for their December headliner at Northumbria Institute.

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