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Lauran Hibberd’s video for ‘What Do Girls Want?’

Lauran Hibberd has an undeniable talent for writing perfectly packaged pop, tied up neatly with bow of high quality production. Her latest track ‘What Do Girls Want?’ has just received an equally nice video. Have a little watch below.

The song ‘What Do Girls Want?’ is an anthem for girls everywhere, dealing with all the shite we tolerate on a regular basis from being too delicate for sports to shitty boyfriends not understanding us. The final chorus really hammers the point home about shitty boyfriends with little additions like “what do boys do wrong?”, it’s things like this that really highlight Hibberd’s clever storytelling techniques.

It’s a bop from start to finish. Hibberd’s left of centre pop combines her witty, sarcastic sense of humour with indie sensibilities. Tracks like this easily prove Lauran Hibberd to be one to watch in the coming year. Listen to ‘What Do Girls Want?’ here.

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