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Bloxx tease debut EP with new single ‘Lay Down’

After a massive summer and the success of previous single ‘Monday’, Bloxx are back with ‘Lay Down’. The track is the lead single from their upcoming EP Headspace which will be coming early in the new year.

In contrast to ‘Monday’, which was only released a few weeks ago, ‘Lay Down’ is slower but with more a kick. ‘Monday’ saw the band really come together to work as a unit but ‘Lay Down’ is where they’ve harnessed their skills to test themselves.

The songs appear to lead on from each other, ‘Monday’ being about the tears in a relationship and ‘Lay Down’ about it all coming out. Hopefully when the EP comes out there’ll be a continuation of the story to it’s completion, with a title like Headspace it seems likely.

Listen to ‘Lay Down’ hereThe band are also on tour this month and next so grab a ticket if you haven’t already.

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