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Indigo Lo with Newest Single ‘White Noise Pollution’

Following the rollicking, subterranean fuzz of their single ‘I Hate The Sun’, psych-rock quartet Indigo Lo return with a new addition: ‘White Noise Pollution.” Frontman and songwriter Joe Grimshaw explained the origins of the track: “’White Noise Pollution’ is about control had by whoever’s at the top; looking at the impact that their decisions have on lives on a more personal level.

I guess whatever was going on at the time made me feel the need to write it, and everyone was feeling weird around that point in autumn 2015. It was only when sh*t started to get even more real a couple of months after, that the song became more pertinent. It came to life when working on it with (producer) Matt, and he really gave it that sense of grandeur.”

This notion of “grandeur” is rooted in the far-away introspection of the vocals that calls to mind the seedy theatrics of Paul Banks. Certainly, ‘White Noise Pollution’ smacks of the post-punk revivalist sound; it’s gristly, jaded yet expansive. The production is punchy, putting the synth undertones in the verses to enormous effect. Its shrug-of-the-shoulders coolness straddles the boundary between caring too little and caring too much.

Performed live, ‘White Noise Pollution’ will be a force to be reckoned with. Catch Indigo Lo on their 2019 UK tour to see for yourself. Listen to ‘White Noise Pollution’ here.

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