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The Pale White go on a trip on Take Me To The Strange

The Pale White can be described as formidable at this point in their career. Despite only having been around for two years they’re already making serious waves, and not just here in Newcastle. This newest EP Take Me To The Strange proves just how formidable they are.

Whilst in the past the trio have been described using various analogies of bands having children with other bands, they’ve finally come fully into their own to the point where calling them the lovechild of Queens of the Stone Age and The Black Keys almost feels like a disservice for all three artists.

Opening track ‘Wisdom Tooth’ sweeps in with Adam Hope’s smooth, slick vocals. The chorus soars on a bed of monster rock and roll with big gnarly guitars. It’s a bittersweet song about the pains of letting go with corny but sweet lines about a “calcium queen”. Talking about the song, Hope said: “It’s about parting with something you don’t really want to let go of, but it’s for the best.”

‘Trapped Nerve’ is a personal favourite from Take Me To The Strange it’s just a cleaner cut than the others. It doesn’t feel like a wall of sound it’s heavy where it needs to be and loosens up where it needs to, like in the insanely catchy pre-chorus. There’s something hypnotic about this track. ‘Panic Attack’ has the chugging bass that The Vaccines have come to be tied to in recent years but the band make it their own.

There’s so much promise in ‘The Future Is Mine’ that it really does live up to it’s title. From the play between Hope’s vocal and falsetto in the background to the big, unabashed guitar riffs to the Zeppelin shuffle of the drums, there’s nothing to fault on this track. ‘End of Time’ is undeniably one of the strongest The Pale White have put out. It hits the sweet spot where it’s got enough rock in it to feel like them but with a hint of blues and the vocals just lift the song to be just right for dancing. 

Listen to Take Me To The Strange from midnight and grab a ticket for their biggest show to date at Northumbria Institute next month. 

Featured Image: Daniel Stark

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