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Think Tank Underground shaking at Bloxx’ Helm

Bloxx brought their headline tour to Newcastle on Tuesday night at Think Tank Underground.  The London based four piece are currently on their second headline tour and now have the title of the first band to have brought over 100 people to Think Tank Underground.  The underground room isn’t used often for gigs but the venue was packed out with scouse duo Her’s playing the overground room at the same time.

Vistas open for Bloxx and do a fine job of warming up the growing crowd from the quite frankly fucking freezing weather outside.   A short but sweet set hits the spot nicely with appearances from the Scottish band’s biggest hits like ‘Retrospect’.  

Opening on strong, the band come out and launch straight into their music.  It’s Halloween Eve, if that’s a thing, and they’ve got on face paint for the occasion. The way they all move is captivating. They sway, bob, jump and wiggle to their own rhythms, allowing themselves to be moved by their own sounds. It’s liberating to watch.

Surprisingly there’s no pattern to which songs are most popular with the crowd. A few old ones are popular, a few new ones, a few heavier ones, a few lighter ones. It’s a good sign, if all the sides they’ve shown go down well then they’re off to a good start that no doubt will be continued into the EP they mention early on in the night.

Front woman Ophelia Booth grins from ear to ear as she watches pits form for the chorus of ‘Coke’ popular songs like this getting a strong reaction from the crowd.  They seem a bit humbled by the reaction, guitarist Taz stopped for a second as he looked away from his fellow bandmates and into the room of teens having the time of their lives.

Bloxx have an energy that makes them an easy watch, even people who just turned up on a whim felt part of the show just as much as the teenagers bouncing around the middle of the floor. Things like this will make there sure favourites in months and years to come.

Listen to Bloxx here and grab ticket for the rest of the tour if you get the chance to see them. 

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