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Deedee Walker’s ‘Don’t Lie’ is Inspiring

Deedee Walker is a talented R&B singer-songwriter from Herfordshire. She’s been mastering her craft since the age of 7, and the time is now for her to shoot to stardom with her latest single ‘Don’t Lie.’

At first I kind of shrugged it off as yeah here’s another one of these songs, You know? But I couldn’t help but be sucked into the story as it unravelled.


A burning desire for love and honesty is buried in her soul. Which shines through in her vocals. And unknowingly we accept people’s words as their bonds, innocently unaware that humans can and will feed you bullshit. But we can nip this in the bud. That’s why this is pure art. A sculpture of heart ache, broken promises, a statue of explanatory deceit and consequence. But most importantly – it makes you stronger and wiser when moving forward.

 She could have just inspired a nation. Perhaps not to trust people too easily. It’s something Alicia Keys would be proud to release into the world, with the piano speaking a thousand words on its own. The writing is meaningful, vocally emotional and direct. Reversing not so pretty circumstances, into beautifully crafted music. How magic is that? And Adele, if you’ve never heard this now you have to. 

Listen to ‘Don’t Lie’ here and follow her on twitter here.



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